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Revolutionary Next Generation Architecture

The H.I.V.E® is a best of breed technology middle-ware designed to provide a high performance secure technology stack.

The QTXSystems stack supports a modular deployment model providing the flexibility to quickly design new applications and efficiently run each component wherever needed within an organization. QTXSystems creates a highly secure private network for each client on a best of breed Microsoft Azure hosted cloud with the additional options of using privately hosted on site servers, offsite R-System servers or a hybrid approach to deliver a customized modern enterprise platform.

QTXSystems’ HIVE offers the benefits of power, flexibility and control while at the same time meeting compliance and security requirements. QTXSystems provides a robust, full trade life cycle platform built around a cutting edge & dynamic system architecture that equips businesses for the future.

QTXSystems can provide education and training around the benefits of using our proprietary middle-ware and web technologies. Our goal is to enable clients with highly performing, secure, mission-critical applications.

QTXSystems is available for global on site integration and build-out. Our DevOps staff are located primarily in New York City with additional teams in California and Singapore for a follow the sun support approach.